Life Around Her Table

kbennettThere’s no doubt that what makes Chef Karista Bennett of Karista’s Kitchen, happy is food! However, when you take a moment to peak inside her soul, you see that food is just the beginning of her story and what she views as her path to happiness.

Karista is a Chef, a wife, a mom, a food stylist and a food writer. She began her food journey in 1999 when she realized her cooking could probably cause a slow and painful death and she was longing for a change. She began culinary school and it became more than just learning how to cook, it was a door that opened her eyes to the beauty and joy that healthy, delicious food brings to life.

Karista’s website is gloriously peppered with beautiful images of food, friends and family along with fun vignettes relating to each recipe posted. They are small window’s into her food journey and her soul.  But life isn’t perfect and she writes about the inspiration to create healthy, nutritious, beautiful food especially after her oldest daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her daughter, thankfully, recovered but Karista would never be the same. Her beautiful story will soon be available for everyone to read in an upcoming book. But for now, here’s some inspiration from Chef Karista Bennett.

What makes you happy?

Chef Karista: Peace, the quiet, walking in nature. Beautiful food that tastes so good it causes a soul-filled joy. The little things in life-like a text from one of my daughters asking about my day, an unexpected snuggle from my dog and teaching home chefs how to cook.

How do you create your own happiness?

Chef Karista: Gratitude. Everyday I think about three things that make me grateful. I admit, some days that is harder to do than others. But I always find something. Whether it’s a break in the PNW [Pacific Northwest] spring rain so I can walk my dog without getting drenched, or finding fresh kumquat at the market when I wasn’t expecting it. Finding gratitude and appreciation in the everyday helps me keep the happy.

What is the one piece of advice you’d offer to women everywhere about finding and keeping happiness?

Chef Karista: I once heard the phrase, “trade expectation for appreciation” and it hit me…when we expect things to go a certain way and then they don’t, we feel serious disappointment and unhappiness. But, when we trade that expectation for appreciation and simply appreciate the moment, even if it’s not where we want to be, we keep our spirit lifted and find the happiness we deserve.



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