Graduation Day

Today my baby girl graduates from High School and as with all other moms in this situation, I find myself a mixed bag of emotions.  Wondering where the time has gone and wishing I could have the time back.  I realize many moms before me have experienced this and many moms after me will do the same but when it happens to you it feels different, it feels deeper, kind of like an ache in your bones.  I’m happy she’s graduating and going off to college to experience life and learn new things but the absoluteness of the change is a bit more devastating than I had expected.

I recently poured over old photos to use for her graduation party and saw little glimmers of me in her face.  It reminded me that I am who I am today, because of her and she is who she is today because of me.  This mother/daughter relationship is a bond unlike any other in the world and I feel so blessed to share that bond with my now grown up, but still little to me, baby girl.  I also found pieces of her artwork and poems she created through the years displaying quite beautifully on paper, who she is and a bird’s eye view into her very special soul.  She’s had her fair share of life struggles and disappointments for an 18-year-old, however, she never uses it as a crutch and her sheer zest for life and never-ending optimism amazes me.  She doesn’t let much stand in her way or get her down and best of all, she knows who she is.

I’m proud of my daughter and I’m so very excited to see where she takes her life.  Yes, this is a bittersweet day but I share these roller coaster emotions with the many moms who have gone before me as I now join your special club.

For my daughter, Aubrey who continually inspires me makes me laugh, challenges me,

gives me joy and makes me proud to be her mother


I’m thankful for my little girl

This blue-eyed beauty of mine

I prayed before I saw her

That this our two hearts would find

A love that others may not see

A hope between her and me

An understanding that we are two

Not ever alone, together life will be new

Because we have each other

No matter what the day

We have each other and I will always stay

Right beside her through life and tears

Right beside her through the years

I love her more than she knows right now

I love her more than this you ask me how

Because God gave us to each other

A very long time ago

To walk through life together

No matter how the winds may blow

As time sings its lovely melody

Her inner beauty is revealed to me

So proud of whom she has become

Like a lovely flower reflecting the warm sun

Her laughter lifts my spirit

Her smile warms my heart

I’m so thankful for my little girl

And will always do my part

To lead her and to guide her

To always find a way

To show her what matters most

Is what your life has to say

So know this my precious daughter

I’m forever here beside you

Forever here to guide you

I’ll hold you close

And give you care

For someday you’ll have a little girl

And a beautiful life you will share.



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