Transitioning With Your Teen

Our relationships with our children follow a natural path of growth and transition as they grow older and frankly as we grow older…oh how I miss those days when my daughter would wake up and crawl into bed to snuggle with me. Her petite face pressed against mine and her tiny arm gently draped across me as if to say, “I love my mommy soooo much”. Well the times are a changin’ that’s for sure.

I miss those days but I completely adore the young woman she has become and though I wish for more snuggles and warm hugs, I understand her need for independence. The affection comes in very different ways now; we talk about school, friends, her future aspirations, getting ready for college, cars, boys, etc. I get long hugs (that I cherish) when things aren’t going her way and only a hug will make it better. It’s a hodge podge of emotions and topics in our house but I embrace all of it trying to pack it into the files of my mind so that I can bring them out to remember when she is off on her own.

I think it really hit me this year when Halloween came and left and we had no little ones to walk down the street in their scary array of Halloween garb and bags rustling with loads of cavity causing edibles. I admit my eyes did get a bit misty over it all but its part of the transition and although my little girl is transitioning, so am I.

I’ve decided to embrace this transition because as sad as I am at losing my little girl, I’m thrilled to be gaining a beautiful new friend; I am blessed to be the one to walk beside her and support her as she follows her dreams and becomes the woman she wants to be.

6 thoughts on “Transitioning With Your Teen

  1. Kristin, your have an amazing talent. I love how you phrase things and how you bring them into perspective .
    We all go trough the same process, seeing our little girls becoming young women. I am so grateful to call
    you a friend and that I can witness your success !

    Your German friend, Gabriela

  2. This is truly beautiful! I find myself torn because I enjoy the precious moments of discovery with my 3 soon-to-be 4 year old son and longing for the days that can debate over the best sports teams. It happens so fast and many parents don’t take time to enjoy the moments and “transition” with their child. Great advice!

    1. Thank you for your nice comments! Your son is at such a special age, all I can say is keep those memories as snapshots in your head because it goes by so fast. It’s wonderful to experience each new stage with them. You sound like an engaged dad with a passion for parenting! Thanks for reading my blog and contributing your thoughts.

  3. This was such an insightful post to read! It brought me back to the years when I was transitioning into being a teen and feeling my relationship change with my mom. Now that I am married and nearing my 30’s, my mom and I are best friends and have been for a while. Your reflections are beautifully written.

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